Improving everyday life through design

Our Story

Everyone has a story.

Ours started a long time ago, when we discovered a great passion for beautiful things, for old drawings and paintings that make any room more aesthetic, for rare and unique objects that give individuality to a house, but especially for old botanical catalogues where you can find real treasures.

We have always wondered what a pity that these catalogues remain hidden and dusty in libraries and people cannot really enjoy them.

eyeful is our story, our unexpected path that has filled our lives with so much beauty and we hope that soon it will fill yours too.

Our Vision

The definition of the word eyeful best describes our vision: A completely satisfying view.

We aim to be the final touch to your special, unique and personal room and to offer you other special products that will make your life more beautiful.

Our  Products

We use the highest quality materials and printing for all our products.

You will receive plenty of information and instructions in your package, but we are always available for any inquiries at

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

+40 740 282 060