The tools you will need

The tools you will need for assembly are some that you definitely have in your home. Each tool suggestion comes with an alternative, just to make your work easier.

Before starting the actual set-up you will need a clean dry cloth to dust the wall.

Then you will need a ruler to measure exactly where you want to mount the sticker. You can use whatever you have at hand: a simple ruler, a tailoring meter, etc.

For the process of fixing the sticker on the wall you need a paper adhesive tape. We suggest you use the type that painters use because you do not risk ruining the paint on the wall. If you can’t break it by hand, cut it with a cutter or scissors.

After fixing the sticker in the desired position, you will need a clean dry cloth throughout the set-up process. You will see in the set-up instructions that in some stages you will be able to use a credit card instead of a clean cloth.


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